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Get Seniors Online

Get Seniors Online had a powerful run. BTOP was the brain child of Don Samuelson

Logo credit goes to Charles Boyce, creator of Compu-Toon and Kathy Raby of Kraby Marketing & Associates

I joined the team at the end of a $7 million grant for an Internet training demonstration.   The demonstration was comprised of seniors and people with disabilities in 23 low-income housing facilities located in 10 northern Illinois cities.  It was a two year demonstration project to “Get Seniors Online,” servicing 3,000 Chicagoland residents.  

  • Drafted action plans with managers to review project status and propose changes.
  • Delivered status reports to stakeholders for the purpose of procuring funds to support planning and project.
  • Assisted with the design of the computer training program intended to bridge the digital divide for seniors
  • Created “best practice series” shorts of Internet training of Internet products
  • Assisted facilitator instructing seniors how to get online.

Get Seniors Online - 321 FastDraw

This video represents the simplicity of helping get seniors online by introducing them to the convenience of the Internet. It served as an awareness advertisement for the project.

Get Seniors Online Montage of 33 Interviews

This is a montage of videos that were extracted as a part of the evaluation to be submitted with the finds from Northern Illinois University.

Get Seniors Online - BTOP

A bit of information about the Broadband Technology Opportunity Project delivered by Don Samuelson, the founder.

An Interview with Don Samuelson, Renee Prejean-Motanky, Host

Renee and Don getting into the minds of a senior to learn what triggers their interest to want to learn how to use the computer.

Obama Initiative to Getting Seniors Online

Obama’s vision to getting seniors living in the United states online.

By Charles Boyce, Syndicated Cartoonist
By Charles Boyce, Syndicated Cartoonist
By Charles Boyce, Syndicated Cartoonist