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Ryan Jones Foundation

Ryan Jones Foundation

Ryan Jones Foundation was created in WordPress and Adobe Photoshop was used for the graphics.

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  1. Kathy Raby has vision to provide the needed service with a vague description of what the customer wants. Her insight amazed me because she knew what I wanted even though I couldn’t articulate my needs. I would recommend her to anyone wishing to get professional help organizing their business matters. My experience started with website design and expanded to other business matters (i.e. business cards design, letterhead, logo, paypal set up with recurring payments, etc.). Kathy has become my go to person whenever I have a need for assistance running the foundation I set up to honor my son’s memory.

    Deloris Jones, President
    The Ryan Jones Foundation

    1. Thank you Deloris, for providing such kind words. I appreciate your work in honoring your son. I thoroughly enjoy working with you to achieve your vision. I am honored that you selected me to assist you with your website needs.

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